Compliance Notices – Capacity Plates – Compliance labels

Compliance Notices are the manufacturer’s or importer’s attestation that the vessel is built in accordance with the construction requirements of the Small Vessel Regulations, as set out in the Small Vessel Regulations and the Construction Standards for Small Vessels TP 1332.

By law, the Compliance Notice must be permanently affixed to the pleasure craft in a conspicuous position plainly visible from the helm. Therefore, if your vessel can be fitted with a motor, the Notice should be easily seen

Every vessel that is propelled (or designed to be propelled) by a motor and that is built or imported into Canada in order to be sold or operated here must have a compliance notice (except pleasure craft 24 m and above in length).

For pleasure craft less than 6 m in length a compliance notice needs to be permanently attached containing the recommended gross load capacity in fair weather and if the vessel is designed to be fitted with an outboard motor – the maximum power of the engine

The recommended gross load capacity of a hull is indicated on the capacity plate which, if fitted, is permanently attached to the pleasure craft. It indicates the total weight of persons, equipment, stores, fuel, motor assembly and steering controls that can safely be carried. It is indicated with the equivalent number of adult persons.

The recommended safe limits of engine power is the outboard engine size recommended for the hull, based on the recommended gross load capacity and is indicated on a capacity plate which, if fitted is permanently attached to a pleasure craft

  • These recommendations, on the capacity plates/compliance labels, are based on fair weather The operators should take into account weather and water conditions when planning a trip and adjust for changes in weather condition.