Requirement for Mufflers – Pleasure craft

As stated in the Small Vessel Regulations,no person shall operate a power-driven vessel, and no person shall permit another person to operate such a vessel,

  • unless it is equipped with a muffler that is in good working order and that is in operation at all times while the vessel is in use to prevent excessive or unusual noise; or
  • if it is equipped with a muffler cut-out or by-pass, unless the muffler cut-out or by- pass is visibly disengaged in such a manner as to ensure that, while the vessel is in use, its exhaust gases are directed through the muffler or under water and that the muffler cut-out or by-pass cannot be engaged accidentally.

This requirement does not apply in respect of any small vessel

  • that was constructed before January 1, 1960;
  • that is engaged in an official competition or in formal training or final preparation for an official competition;
  • that is powered by an outboard or an inboard/outboard drive system that is not equipped with a muffler, if the exhaust gases are directed under water through the propeller hub or below the cavitation plate;
  • that is operated five or more miles from shore;
  • that derives its propulsion from an aircraft-type propeller operating in an air medium or from gas turbines; or
  • that is not a pleasure craft and is equipped with a noise abatement mechanism that is in use when the small vessel is within five miles from shore.